Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's your cell phone ring tone?

Comment and tell me what your ring tone is. I'm leaving it at that, but I want you to remember this as well:

A cell phone without a ring tone is like a cell phone without a soul.

Side note: I got my first ever drunk phone call from a girl last week.

Also, all of you ought to bug me on Formspring more! I'm lonely!

Also, listen to this song by The Strokes.

Also, make sure you read the post below this one and comment on that one also, telling me how poetic and handsome I am.

Okay, now you can leave.

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Mischief Managed said...

Oh, hey. Actually, my phone just vibrates... I don't use it often. If I had a ring tone, it would probably be Milkshake. Just to create awkward silences.

Eeshie said...

HAHAHA I can so imagine that happening to you. What did said drunk girl say?

Kassandrah said...

If I had your number, I'd call you everytime I'm drunk and ask you to be my beer pong partner or something.

my current ringtone is when you were young by the killers.

Shenge said...

My ring tone is 'Burn So Bright' by the Sundance Kids. What of it.


Mack said...

Your dozens of comments on your last post are slightly intimidating, but I really liked the message of it, and your analogy to turtles. Very reflective. :)

My ringtone is the chorus of a cheesy alternative love song I found in ninth grade because I thought it pertained to my life and how I had a crush on a kid who may or may not have thought I was a joke to begin with. I don't like him anymore, but I still adore the song. [I always keep my phone on silent, though- I think that in itself is EXTREMELY symbolic haha.]

Boyd said...

My ringtone is Black Math by The White Stripes, although until recently it was Molly's Lips by Nirvana. Not much of a difference, they both start almost exactly the same.

Ok, how insane is it that I was (and still am) listening to The Strokes when I read this? I'd like to say that song was playing, but it was a different track. Same CD, though! Weird...

RainboRevolver said...

Ringtone is The Pretender by the Foo Fighters, although I mostly keep my phone on vibrate.

I adore The Strokes!! Omg, you just gained a ton of brownie points:)

Kindros said...

Ringtone = heavy_specialcompleted01 from Team Fortress 2, smile everytime I hear it.

Drunk texts/calls can be fun, hope it was a good one.

Jillian said...

My hypothetical cell phone ring is Wonderwall by Oasis.
But I haven't actually set it too that :P
It's at this bluesy piano right now.

Kay said...

Mmmm formspring. I'll have fun with this :)

I have a generic ring set as my phone's ringtone.

I guess that means I have a very bland soul.

Whatever that means.

King of Wishful Thinking said...

My ringtone happens to be that signature ringtone from the Geico commercials, the one the boss has as his ringtone. I find it kind of annoying but oddly captivating

Lexa Be said...

Alright, I'm going to admit... I'm a nerd... my ring tone is Saria's song from Zelda Ocarina of time. I'm that cool hahaha

- Lexa Be