Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time to Say a Moderately Hasty Goodbye

It's that time of year again, which is, time to leave for Texas. Although I can't wait to be once again surrounded by overweight white people and pickup trucks, one thing I really will be sad to temporarily leave behind is The Nerd Archives. I've really come to like a few of you guys.

This blog is still young. It was conceived in January. It only just learned to walk and talk. It's still breast-feeding. It has a full life ahead of it. It has hopes and dreams. Some scary dreams. Some good dreams. Some boring dreams.

The Nerd Archives has a dream. I have a dream.

That's why I hope you'll return to The Nerd Archives after I return from my one-month vacation to Texas. The date I come back is JULY 3, also the date on which Abraham Lincoln lost his first tooth and Albert Einstein died whilst taking a bubble bath.

Honor those men and that tooth by finding a way to remind yourself. Write that post-it note to stick on your refrigerator door. Send yourself that e-mail. Give yourself that reminder ink tattoo. Just be back here to greet me on that day.

Farewell to you all. Have a wonderful summer.