Saturday, December 4, 2010

"30 Day Thing"

I was sort of/kind of half-tagged by Kay of Cerulean Skies. So here goes. (Ooh, this is the first time I've done something like this. I've got butterflies.)

1) A picture of yourself and 10 facts:

(Here's a picture of me and President Obama posing cheek-to-cheek. He's a fun guy. Neither of us are staring into the camera because we both saw injustice occuring somewhere in the distance right before they snapped the photo.)

1) I went to speech therapy for half a year. Now people tell me I sound British. (Awright!)
2) I have a scar on my palm from when I tried to hop a barbwire fence in fifth grade.
3) I'm a triplet.
4) I see dead people.
5) I have a graphite pencil tip embedded in each of my hands--(long story, but not really).
6) I have an eclectic taste in music. In the nine or ten minutes before I wrote this post, I listened to songs on my iPod from the Rolling Stones, Regina Spektor, Finn Wallace, Wild Cherry, AC/DC, and Beethoven.
7) I order the same thing at every restaurant I go to. The trick is: just go to a bunch of different restaurants.
8) My biggest two fetishes are being British and being Jewish. My ideal wife would be both, (hopefully she would fall under the category of European women who actually shave their legs.)
9) I doodle so much during class, I've become known in my math class as "The Cartoon Kid."
10) I love romantic comedies.

2) How you got your blog name

Not a very interesting story. I'm a huge nerd and I needed some sort of theme to build on before I abandoned it like a three-legged dog at Krispy Kreme. This blog documents my life and my thoughts. Hence, "The Nerd Archives." Good story, yeah? Gonna tell is at the dinner table tonight?

3) Hometown location and facts

I live in Atlanta. It's a big city, so I don't think any of you are going to track me down and stalk me and/or rape me because you're such a huge fan of my blog. And the facts:

  • Home of both Coca Cola and the only aquarium in the world (besides Japan) that holds whale sharks. Jealous?
  • Atlanta is pretty much the gay capitol of the world. Rock on, babes!
  • I'm in a neighborhood filled with either really old people or young couples with babies. That actually works out, because I hate making friends, but love old people and babies!
  • My school is infamous (among private schools) for its drugs. Stupid rich white kids.
  • I have to drive at least twenty five minutes everywhere. Even to the bathroom.
  • Although I do live in Atlanta, I spend most of my time using my imagination to transport myself to the magical land of Narnia.

Like Kay, (who I will go on to mimic because I don't understand how these curious things work), I'll finish this later. I guess that's self-explanatory, because it's a "30 Day Thing," but...yeah.

That Blond Guy

12 people secretly have a crush on me:

RainboRevolver said...

*gasp* a picture! you look pretty legit.
I'm jealous of the Atlanta Aquarium's whale sharks. I love aquariums, but the one in Denver is lame cu it has like two shakrs total.

Whale sharks are pretty cool. And pretty ginormous, but that's beside the point.

Have a nice day.

Kassandrah said...

you are cuuuute!

Kassandrah said...

are you really a triplet?

Furree Katt said...

omgsohotlike :O

An Abundance of Ramen said...

So just because he posts a picture he's cute? Damn, I need to post a picture. Maybe I can get some more followers, haha.

tegan said...

Ah, I'm planning to do this soon :) and no offence but I think I might just sound more British than you, haha. AND I SHAVE MY LEGS THANK YOU VERY MUCH...

That Blond Guy said...

RainboRevolver: Thanks, (I think.) And yeah, you should be jealous. Atlanta has a ton of problems, but the Georgia Aquarium is AWESOME! I have t-shirts that can attest to it.

Kassandrah: Aw, gee. And yes, I really am a triplet. I've mentioned it once or twice, but I normally keep it to myself because I'm ashamed.

Furree Katt: Hm?

An Abundance of Ramen: Ouch! But yes, you're right. Your views will probably double.

Tegan: Yes, I imagine you do sound more British than me. Also: nice to know.

Kay said...


This is revolutionary!

I think I'll start to pretend to have a British accent.

Shannon said...

I'm a triplet too!!! Isn't that great am I right? Even though I can't really compare it to anything else

An Abundance of Ramen said...

Oh- by the way- I have a graphite pencil tip embedded in my leg from 5th grade. :\
It's kind of awk explaining how I accidentally stabbed myself. Ooh, and question? Can you possibly elaborate on the "I see dead people"? That, my friend, is quite a unique talent and it beats me why no one has touched on this yet...

lula said...

Haha European women do shave their legs! That's such an awful stereotype. And if I'm correct, it was French women who didn't shave their legs, and that was back in the Sixties!
Anyways, your blog's wicked. I love the Rolling Stones, but babies and old people aren't my thing. It depends actually.
Kiss kiss bang bang

Red Sunshine said...

Lol! So funny! Ur school is infamous for it's drugs :) my school is known for it's bad sports teams, but legit math teams...oh yeah. Super nerdy