Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Braves Game and the Flight of the Conchords

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted (at least in my units of time). I haven't even been very busy. The time has just slid through my fingers like a Turkish mud wrestler slides through the clutches of a frustrated police officer.

As you know, it's been Homecoming week at my school. We were dressing up for the pep rally with the theme of "SUPER." Each grade was assigned either "superhero," "super-villain," "superstar," or "Super Mario Bros." Guess which one my year was stuck with? Just my luck. The last.

While all the other high schoolers got to come to school in costume of everyone from Johnny Cash to Superman to Justin Bieber to Mojo-Jojo, we were stuck with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Hu. Rrah.

I tried to be original by making my own costume for Toad. Then again, I left it until 10:30 of the night before, so I ended up wearing a white t-shirt, purple vest, and red UGA cap with white paper spots taped onto it like a mushroom. It was pretty pathetic, plus there were dozens of my fellow nerds walking up to me during the day and correcting me on what Toad is supposed to look like in the games.

The pep rally was totally rubbish, I hate to say. I don't have bunches of school spirit to begin with, but it was just a terrible pep rally.

On Friday, though, I got to go to a Braves game with a friend, though. That was really fun. I got to hug a giant baseball while my said friend snapped pictures frantically, and I also ordered a blue slushie, (most of which arrives either in my shoes or down my shirt.)

The same night, I watched Se7en. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman! Yeah, it was pretty bitchin', if you ask me. A horror movie of sorts. I thought it was genius, although considerably disturbing. You can find a plot synopsis here, if my use of four different adjectives to describe it has gotten you intrigued.

Lastly, and definitely the most importantly, ever heard of Flight of the Conchords? If not, now you have:

I feel like a young astronomer who has just chanced upon a faraway galaxy, or a home-schooled, Evangelical preteen who has just discovered masturbation. The Flight of the Conchords are my exact type of humor. They are so funny, I can't stand it. Every time I watched one of their videos, I'm always rolling around with laughter. And once I finish laughing, I want to hit something. That's how funny they are.

Check out the videos. Watch the show. I don't know when it comes on, so don't ask me, you drunken slob.


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findingMuse. said...

I would just like to say... I would love to be Mario.

Anonymous said...

Albie the Racist Dragon. Enough said.