Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Academic Team is Technically a Sport

Last Saturday was my very first Academic Team tournament! I was awoken at the crack of dawn to the sound of roosters calling and pegasi neighing, and I had to leave my house by 6 AM to make the bus. The bus ride to the tournament was about an hour long, but very entertaining, because one kid brought a lampshade that he insisted on wearing on his head the entire trip.

Nerds from all over Georgia were congregated at this one public school in a suburb of Atlanta. All types of nerds. There were inner city nerds with hoodies and sagging jeans. There were urban, private school nerds like us with their own Academic Team uniforms and naive expressions on their faces. Finally, there were rural nerds who looked like any other redneck teen from Georgia but somehow knew the dates of Revolutionary War battles and the authors of classic literature.

There was this one team in which every single member, (I still don't know if they were joking or not), showed up in suspenders, button-up shirts, and glasses. I walked up to one guy and said, "Keen suspenders." He nodded appreciatively like we both knew that those suspenders were the Cat's meow.

We did all right too. Our A Team almost made it to the Semifinalists. Our B Team did decently. Overall, it was just a really good experience. I loved the whole day.

Also found out on that day that Academic Team technically counts as a sport in terms of college credit and everything. Give me a break. (No, really. Give me a break. Maybe just like five minutes to wolf down a turkey sandwich and run to the bathroom. Thanks so much.)

Okay, if Academic Team is a sport, what's next? Debate? Chess? Cheerleading? Ultimate Frisbee? Girls' sports in general? Ha! Never!

Totally random side note! A kid walked into my Social Studies class today during his free period to say hello to my teacher, who basically told him to get out and go study. The kid, who was a little disgruntled, left the room and muttered, "I'm going to go pleasure myself in the bathroom."

The teacher was cool with it, though. This was the same Social Studies teacher who described Suleiman I's turban as "really b*******."


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RainboRevolver said...

Debate is a sport at my school... credit wise :P oh school system, what have you become?