Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christopher's Ten Commandments--Ones Not Meant in a Sacreligious Way, So Don't Sue Me

1. Watch Psych religiously.
2. Watch Chuck just enough to know what's going on.
3. Watch Modern Family whenever possible.
4. Watch The Office unless you've lost your remote.
5. Watch 30 Rock if bedtime's not before 10!
6. Order old re-runs of Pushing Daisies on Netflix or something
7. Cry when you finish both seasons of Pushing Daisies, realizing too late that the show was canceled earlier. Don't be afraid to tell me that you cried.
8. Slap Christopher on the back head, considering he forgot to tell you to watch the final several seasons of Monk also on Netflix. (Doesn't air anymore)
9. During the commercials of Psych, The Office, and others, don't be sucked into addiction with White Collar, especially if you only like it because of its "SEX APPEAL"
10. Read the extended commandments below to find out WHICH SHOW FITS YOU! (Call this number now.)


(Taps foot...twiddles thumbs...)

Finished reading yet?

Okay, in best attempts to keep it short, watch Psych if you sort of like mystery/police shows and movies, but have comedy as a priority. Watch Chuck if you can empathize with nerds, like some action along with quirky humor, and if you love to see the nerd get the beautiful woman. Watch Modern Family if you like kind of dry humor along with silly jokes, if you love shows with distinct characters, and as an accessory--you support gay marriage. (Change! Yes we can!) Watch The Office if you like dry/cynical humor, deadpan characters, likable characters, and don't get too frustrated with Michael when he's a jerk.....(stares into distance)...Moving on! Watch 30 Rock if you--well, if you like funny shows!!! Now Pushing Daisies is a special case. You either like it or you hate it. If you like quirky humor, verbal humor, weird characters, even weirder plots, and are willing to keep up with the fast pace and ever-changing plot, this might be the show for you.

There will be a quiz on this tomorrow.

1 people secretly have a crush on me:

Sam West said...

My favorite show... uh... the O'Riley Factor?
(I'm a movie person)