Friday, February 12, 2010

Five SNL Videos and an Awkward Situation

Who knew that I, the most obsessive and anti-social Blogger around, could be so inconsistent with posting? Three days!!! That's like a month in nerd years. Each day for a nerd is like a fortnight. We have these separate, detached lives we mantain like a pet mouse--a life with no parties and hopefully very few interruptions from human beings.

Since I got my new laptop, I had a Hulu splurge and watched dozens of SNL shorts. I couldn't resist sharing at least five of them with you.

High School Musical 4:

Booty Call:

The French Chef:

Gilly-Science Fair:

Scott Brown:

The fourth one isn't very funny. It's Gilly saying "sorry" that puts me in hysterics. I couldn't stop laughing. I showed it to my brother and friend, though, and they stared at me like any other sane person might stare at me considering I was laughing at such an unfunny SNL skit. The other four are just SNL for you. You like it, hate it, or like it only when it makes fun of Obama.

About the awkward situation...I can't believe this is happening, but I can't even remember what it was. Just imagine you're in a situation--apparently an awkward one. Then...after you're about halfway through your hypothetical awkward situation...pretend I said something funny and tell me how hilarious I was.

It's snowing here. I just finished a one hour trek outside, and I can hardly believe that snow could be so deep in Atlanta! It's insane! It's pretty cold too. My brother had to dress up in big fishing boots and my dad's huge vest. I swear, give him a rifle and a dozens ducks to shoot, and he'd look just like a hunter. Ironic, considering he's veagan.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to pretend I said a bunch of funny stuff!

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