Thursday, February 25, 2010

Updates of My Quiet LIfe

Most of them are probably so personal that they're boring, so if you know I'm going to bore you, scroll down until you see the fishes swimming in the sidebar. Amuse yourself by feeding them for 6-9 minutes.

-I just saw my sister's play How the Bard Won the West. It's referring to Shakespeare's influences in the United States West and don't get excited because it was written by the middle school drama teacher. It was a pretty cool play--I definitely admire seeing teenage actors that aren't exactly prodigies, but at the same time aren't afraid to make themselves look like fools on the stage. There were jocks on that stage, a cheerleader, some geeks, and only some really artsty types. That was pretty cools for me to see. My social epiphany almost made up for the painfully cruel irony that cowboy hicks performed Shakespeare. Their picture on the brochure was a Photo-shopped portrait of Shakespeare wearing a cowboy hat!

-Got a new watch today. Freaked out that I'm telling you this? I'm kind of reminding myself of Will Ferrel in Stranger than Fiction. If I start informing you of how many steps I took today or how many seconds I brushed my teeth in, somebody send me a hate comment. Anyways, new watch. My old watch was one day early for an entire year. This watch has the day of the week messed up. I think Chronos is trying to tell me something.

-This should have been first, but I have a girlfriend. A girlfriend? The girlfriend! I've never had one before, so I'm fumbling through this relationship like a 3rd grader who has a crush on her music teacher. Anyways, the girl is great. She's good buddies with some of the gentlemen on my basketball team so it fully works out.

-The unthinkable has just happened--more unthinkable then me doing more than stuttering in front of a girl. I've just been sucked into a semi soap opera. Ever heard of the Secret Life of the American Teenager? Who's horrified? I am! Soap operas never get into my head! But they're out to get me. They've been studying me and they know me inside and out. A kind of weird friend showed me snippets of the pilot, and I went home and made room for it during my Hulu splurges. I'm freaked out. But the people in it are teenagers. Not stereotypical Mexicans! Not monotone supermodels! Not even the old people that are put on TV soap operas for the sake of those poor retired folks who only want in life for Britney to stop dating Michael and get interested in David! Please! Just one date, Britney! One! But don't have any children yet. You have three grown children living in Michigan who you don't want to disappoint.

-Last one: my ceramics piece in art is going to be shown at the High Museum! Of course it's a scholastic exhibit, but it's still the High!

Notice the text positioned conveniently at the top of the right side bar. Also feel free to disregard it. Bye, everyone!

1 people secretly have a crush on me:

Sam West said...

hmmmm.... Good Buddies? Gentlemen?
(Quite the opposite, I must say)
Nonetheless, I'm extremely flattered.

Ah, The Secret Life of the American Teenager... I used to follow the show week-by-week (after viewing the pilot, which was free on iTunes at the time) But after the first season, the show went entirely downhill.

(And I switched back to the News Station)

You take art? *Sigh* I despise the rule that states that those in band cannot participate in the visual arts.