Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Private School Warning Signs:

Private School Warning Sign #213
The teachers are either young and vibrant enough to have just been plucked out of high school, or really, really old. Teachers tell you about how they taught your mother and father and older brother and Great Aunt and grandmother. The current history teacher taught the current math teacher. They were born in this school. They'll die in this school. (Favorite line from The Rocker, "I'm prepared to work here until I die.")

Private School Warning Sign #51
Six out of eleven art/drama teachers are Republicans.

Private School Warning Sign #509
The kids crowd the doors before they unlock, forming enourmas mobs only comparable to that of Macy's on the morning of Black Friday. Apparently all the students would like to learn as fast as possible and avoid the leisure of before-school social hour.

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thecircusbird said...

Lol, it's like that here also! We have 15 minute breaks between each class and everyone just goes to their next class, sits on the ground and wait.