Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween (Past Tense)

How was everyone's Halloween? Strange that I'm asking you this, though, because I feel like I'm talking to myself. Then again, I asked the same question of my GI Joe action figures and cardboard cut-out of Chuck Norris November 1st as well.

Mine was fine, thanks. Strangely, I went paint-balling on Saturday. I went home with a load of testosterone-driven teenage guys on Friday. The older brother of our host really put a lot of effort into Halloween decorations. It was no less than stunning. Of course, the guys were cracking jokes about the decorations the whole time to mask their intense horror.

They (and I do mean "they" not "me") played this supposedly creepy video game called Dead Space until about 3 in the morning. Even among nerdy guys, who are often the most polite and friendly teenagers that exist, it's amazing how vulgar and foul-mouthed they can be when they're alone. ESPECIALLY when they're playing video games.

"%$%#! What the $%#@! Get that #$%&#@$ alien $%#@# outta there! Blast his %$#$@#@ %$#@#% to %$#@, %$#$@#!"

And that was just my friend's mother when she walked in on our game.

Saturday I had my second-ever paint-balling experience. It was pretty fun too. Seven or eight of the people at our party showed up in full costume. There was an Ironman and one kid in a gilly suit. I think one kid also went naked but I can't be sure--I was pretty tired from the night before.

Fortunately, Halloween Day I just got to relax. I went to Church in the morning and finished homework after that. Halloween Night, I just helped hand out candy in my Obama mask. I answered every door with a jolly outburst of "Ho ho ho! Take some candy! Happy Halloween! Help me--I don't feel mentally secure! Bye!" Unfortunately, we only got three groups of trick-or-treaters. Disappointing. Anyway, my brother and I were inside watching The Happening and stuffing our faces with half-decent candy from a last-minute run to Bed Bath and Beyond. (You heard right--you'd be surprised how much stuff they keep in the back. Way more than magic remotes and Christopher Walken.) The Happening isn't really a horror movie, but exceptionally eerie. You NEED to see it if you haven't.

Most importantly, I got a chance on Monday to write a love letter to Danielle. Here it is:

Dear Danielle,
I think ur pretty
also i think you have nice hair. and i like your backpack
do you want to be my girlfriend?
if you do, call my mom and she'll tell me. here is her number: 305-691-0338

Most sincerely,

8 people secretly have a crush on me:

Furree Katt said...

LOL. you are funny. this is funny! I LIKES YOU. followinggggggg

Boyd said...

That note not only takes care of asking the girl out, but you also get to introduce her to your mom!

tegan said...

omg why is this blog not famous already?! NERDS FTW.

That Blond Guy said...

Furree Kat: I like you too. You're hot. YOU ARE SO HOT.

Boyd: Excellent mindset! Didn't get the chance to see her today, but I'm definitely a lot less nervous now. Thanks.

Tegan: I know, right? What happened to the Nerd Revolution?

Kay said...

This made my day.

But I'm not very good at detecting sarcasm.

So I'm going to acquire a new skill to do so to avoid looking like a 'tard when I comment on your blog.

I was a scenester for halloween. Skinny jeans, chunky bracelets, eyeliner, band t-shirt, big glasses without lenses, and a lovely black hair bow.

You may or may not have appreciated it but I thought it was hysterical.

Jillian said...

I find this blog to be a little more... um.... uncensored than your other one.

There is nothing attractive than a guy that can spell.
So I think Danielle will fall for you.
Maybe she and your mom will be BFFs too.

Anonymous said...

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