Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tell Me I'm the Dancing Queen. Tell Me I'm Pretty. TELL ME I'M PRETTY!!!

Does God suffer from allergies? If not, then He has no right to claim that He is superior in any way to humans. It's like claiming that men are superior to women even with the knowledge that men do not have to suffer through childbirth.

I've had a cold since Wednesday, and I haven't even missed a day of school. My mom just sent me off with a fannypack full of cough drops and tissues, reminding me as usual that I cannot fail if I try my best, and that private parts are private. So for the next three days, I just sat in my desk and sniffled for seven hours at school and then went to track practice, where I ran and sniffled for two hours. Track practice on Thursday became so painful that I started crying. I was then sent to the school nurse, who dabbed my forehead with a warm washcloth and comforted me in hushed tones until my nannie picked me up.

What's more, I've had to work vigorously on my term paper every minute of the day both today and yesterday. It's on Carl Jung, and I didn't even start writing it until yesterday. Writing this post is the longest break I've taken today. And every time I get a text, e-mail, or phone call, I give the exact same, painfully cute explanation for why I can't talk:

"Sorry, man, but I've got a date with the founder of analytic psychology."

Yeah, I imagine I murmur that in my sleep.

The only things that keep me going with this paper are my short but frequent snack breaks, gallons upon gallons of Coke Zero spiked with vodka, and the Mamma Mia playlist on my iPod. I mean, I really am interested in psychologhy, but term papers can make anything seem boring, even the TV show Skins or the process of how dolphins make love.

Yeah, the past few days have been very stressful. I've been sucking on my thumb a lot lately. Like, more than usual.

As you might have guessed, I did not go to the movies with my dream girl and her friends last night. Apparently they were too busy being super-popular and gorgeous. (Their words, not mine.) I think I took it well. I drank a lot of warm apple juice, cried into my cat's fur for a solid four hours, and watched the pilot episode of Twin Peakes.

Fool, that show is messed up. Here's the first scene of the pilot to give you an idea of just how weird the show is. But weird is good. In fact, weird is great. I'm already addicted to it. It has everything you could ever want in a TV show: good music, total bizareness, mystery, irony, murder, and Sara Flynn Boyle. I love it.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? Would you rather die an extremely slow, moderately painful death or a reasonably quick but excruciatingly painful death?

That Blond Guy

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Furree Katt said...

i sincerely hope you get well soon!
and OMG OMG. i do need you on my blog. you're the coolest person to ever visit.

Boyd said...

That absolutely sucks, concerning the sickness and sneezing and blog archives are filled with various whiny posts concerning runny noses and codeine-cough-syrup trips...

I like saying Carl Jung's name...

I vote for slow, and moderately painful. I don't like pain...

Shenge said...

I'd want to go out with a bang rather than whisper.

Hope you get better soon, kid.

Nicolas Lopez said...

I feel bad for you... And I'd rather die slowly... I don't like pain.

Bookish.Spazz said...

I'm smitten with allergies. I swear if it wasn't for zyrtec and advil everyone around me would want to kill me. Hopefully summer will come quickly and lessen the pollen count.

I did an art piece over Carl Jung... All I can say is: Frued is 10x cooler.

Anyways, Twin Peaks is pretty rad, but not as cool as the X-Files. Now that's a scifi thriller right there. I don't know how I'd like to die. I hate pain, but I'm also very impatient so this question is a toughie...

And it's too bad you didn't get to go to the movies with that girl you like. She's probably a closet lesbian and didn't know how to break the news to you...

Sarcasmic Ross said...

Being well known for abandoning my writing schedule for a week at a time due to bouts of severe man flu and being too freaking awesome to have a functioning immune system, I know your pain all too well and I hope you get well soon; you charismatic stallion, you.

Word Verification: "Potion" all too fitting considering the topic.

Hannah Marie said...

I'm doing a research paper about psychology too! Only it's about William James, the "founder of American psychology"
I hate being sick! I have some sniffles right now and they are NOT fun at all :(

Eeshie said...

That school nurse - nannie story made me giggle.


Sorry about the movies thing. But everything happens for a reason, you know? She wasn't worth it. :)

Abby said...

I'd say both deaths have an equal amount of pain involved, so I'd rather die slowly with a moderate amount of pain because then I can think of some witty last words.
I think you'd be interested to know that I was listening to Dancing Queen when I read this post and I freaked out a little.
I'd go to the movies with you. Simply because you compliment my writing. I'm a sucker for that stuff.

erin :) said...

your posts sure make me think! and i feel you with the being sick thing--although that is one witty excuse i wouldn't have ever imagined. i was sick for a week-ish, but i'm all better now! but i feel very stressed pretty much 24/7. it's probably an asian thing. i hope you get well soon tho bro.

and i really appreciate your consistent comments on my blog! i haven't had much personal writing recently, but i'm very impressed that you still check out my fashion posts. i'll have to borrow some of your dresses sometime.

and you are pretty.


tegan said...

I stopped reading after fannypack cos I was LOLLING SO DAMN MUCH!!

LionessWithoutAPride said...


Red Sunshine said...

pshh please, ive had a cold for like a year now. it loves me too much to leave.
but get well soon~

Mandy Thomas said...

Bummer, feel better soon...or in the words of Demetri Martin, "get well NOW." haha

Fannypacks are "in" now!
So good job to your mom. You should thank her for making you fashionable and all.

My most embarrassing moment was when I slipped on a little red pencil sharpener as I was going to my locker. It was right when lunch started so practically everyone in the quad and in the breezeway heard me scream. -_-

Jillian said...

People always underestimate the horribleness of colds unless they have them.
Especially in my family, everyone is just like
"Suck it up, bambino".
At least your Mom is kind enough to give you cough drops, although the fanny pack was a miss.

You really like romance movies, don't you?

Maybe I'll stop commenting.
You have so many girls commenting on here already I feel like a groupie of some sort. My gosh.

Feel better. That's a command, Christopher.

That Blond Guy said...

Furree Katt: Thanks. Right back at you, baby cakes.

Boyd: Yeah, I hate being sick. And I think you made a good choice about the slow and moderately painful death. The secret is, if you choose the second option, you get a muffin.

Shenge: Who ya callin' kid?! I'm older than a lot of people. I'm older than my sister. I'm older than my cousin's baby. I'm older than my dog...

Nicolas Lopez: Like Boyd, you also get a muffin for your decision!

Bookish.Spazz: I think Jung is way cooler. Freud thought everything was about sex, and he had no interest whatsoever in the religion or philosophy behind psychology. But tell me more about this art piece.

Nah, I've had my share of dating lesbians.

Ross: Whenever I get sick, it helps to get really high and then to watch a lot of Beatles music videos, because then you don't notice the difference. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog, I just don't comment all the time. I'll try to behave better.

Hannah Marie: Hm...I'll have to look him up. I probably won't, though, because I'll get a pop-up in the corner of my screen that says there are singles in my area who want to meet me, and I'll forget to Google him.

Eeshie: I don't know--she seems pretty worth it. (She didn't really say that about being too busy being popular and gorgeous.) I don't really know her, but she's considerably nice and funny considering she's friends with cheerleaders. And she's beautiful. I don't know.

Abby: Great, how does Saturday work for you? I was thinking of seeing the Justin Bieber flick.

Erin: Glad you're feeling better, and sure, I love your blog! In fact, I love it to bits. So you might want to go fetch a broom or dust buster or sumthin' because now there are little blog bits all over the floor and it's just a great big mess.

Tegan: Compliment appreciated. Compliment then swallowed whole along with a swig of organic skim milk.

LionessWithoutaPride: He he, (laughs nervously), what?

Red Sunshine: A year? That must be terrible. At least it sounds like you have a close bond with it. That helps.

Mandy Thomas: Ha, thanks: hilarious comment. "Get well now"--that's so much more appropriate.

Jillian: No no no. Not romance movies. Romantic comedies. There is a big difference.

AND NO!!! DON'T LEAVE ME! You're like my favourite blogger in the world. And not all of my commenters are girls. There's Shenge, Ross, Boyd, and me! To have groupies I would need to either play the bass guitar or be attractive. These girls just want me for my money.

Bookish.Spazz said...


I did it over Jung's Theory of Archetypes. Which I'm quite facinated with. Here's a link to it

The coloring is a bit off because the lighting in my room is crappy, but yeah.

It's not that Freud thought that everything was sexual, he just thought that we as people are influenced and impacted by things that happened to us while we were developing or growing up. It just so happened that a lot of these things were sexual.

LionessWithoutAPride said...


Eeshie said...


I don't want you just for your money! That's what Obama is for!