Sunday, September 19, 2010

Teenage Love: You Have to Be Kidding Me

I also considered "You Don't F****** Love This Person, You Love F****** This Person" as a title, but I later decided that was a bit risqué, and not entirely relevant.

Hello to all you fellow teenagers out there! I hope you brought your hopes and dreams with you, BECAUSE I'M ABOUT TO DESTORY THEM.

Ha hem. Excuse me.

I mentioned about a week ago that one of the traits I despised in a person was "tossing around the word 'love' like it's Simon Birch in Sunday School." I don't despise a person because of it, though, and to be perfectly honest I don't even despise the thing within itself--it just irks me when people use the word "love" too liberally. I think it's good to be liberal with things like politics and Tylenol, but not when it comes to using words like "love." Because really, how many times out of ten do you really mean it?

Like some of you may be suspecting, I'm at that stage in my life where I'm even a bit skeptical of love itself. Sad, I know. I'm not in a good spot faith-wise. Not at all.

But one thing I do know for certain is that we have to be careful how often we use the word "love." It's not some treat you can just shove in someone's face, only to jerk it away a second later. Which is what happens all the time.

Teens who claim to have "loved" several different members of the opposite sex have a handful of different things going on in their head. 1) They've read a lot of teen fiction novels about true love, and they're thirsting to be the main character in a teen fiction novel. 2) They think they're ready to have sex, but they don't have a Christian way to say that. 3) They're trying to rush life to go a bit faster, because they do want to love, they just don't know how. 4) They're freaking out, because they, like me, are wondering if there really is such at thing as love. And they're trying to convince themselves that what they're feeling IS love.

I don't think it's impossible to love a guy or girl as more than a friend as a teen--I just don't believe it happens every time a guy corners a girl at school who he met yesterday and tells her he loves her. And it's disrespecting the name of love to pretend anything otherwise.

Most importantly, I don't think teens should have sex. I'm just going to go out and say it. And I don't think any teen should have sex, no matter how much they argue that they really love this person. The only reason a teen should ever have sex is if they're the last human beings on earth and they need to repopulate. That, or if it's an Italian supermodel that's pressuring them to have sex. I mean, come on. That's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Second most importantly: no, people, I did NOT really have a stroke.

Finally, to end on an intelligent note, I want you to watch this video. Disappointed in me for being amused by this? Have you been dealing with this on Facebook and at school for the past week? Did you perhaps think that I would not be amused by this twisted internet sensation? That The Nerd Archives would be a refuge from the cruel vulgarity of the media? You, my friends, were seriously misguided. Though I feel guilty saying this, I roar with laughter everytime I watch the interview--and now I have the song stuck in my head.

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Kay said...



and pardon me for thinking you had a stroke, hah. I am so dumb. I am really dumb. For real.

BUT, on the subject of teenage love...

most teenagers aren't intelligent to think long term. Having sex with someone doesn't mean you love them, it just means you're horny as f*** and you can easily give into the temptation. risking having a baby? losing the essence of having sex be something special? losing the essence of love being something special? eh, whatever...

Anonymously Me said...

I like this post. Sometimes I'm skeptical of love too.

Cookie-Ross said...

It's hard not to be skeptical as fuck about the subject of teenagers actually experiencign love. I feel that at their level of emotional maturity they tend to opt into the whole "Twu wuv" thing almost immediately. Confusing the (as Kay put is) "you're horny as f***" biological impulses for those of a deeper meaning.
Although I have no qualms against people doing what comes naturally. If teens want to have sex they should be allowed the freedom to do so.
If I hadn't at their age I'd be a more awkward guy than I am now,(more frustrated too, haha).

Macky said...

Haha- this is a funny post to me, only because you just slapped some sense into me. Thank you, I guess.

The closest thing I've ever felt to "love" is several really strong friendship, and I wouldn't have it any other way with them. Otherwise, instead of enjoying decades of friendship, I'd have one sh***y high-school relationship that would end in less than two months, and the two of us would never speak again. Sounds romantic, right?

There's love out there somewhere- we're all just trying to find it.

Sex, to me, is just a combination of exploitation and "chemistry". It's the "cheapest" [yet very expensive..] form of "love" out there.

I hope you find some faith in love in your life somewhere. :]

findingMuse. said...

GAAAH SO THAT'S WHAT THAT IS. I've been wondering why people've been telling me to hide mah wife all week..

I agree with you here for the most part, love is, to be honest, pretty frickin' meaningless in our society. I'm not really skeptical it exists, but that I could ever find it. Sometimes, I'm not sure I want to. As to why, Macky's point above sums it all up. I won't lose a friendship for my own selfish desires. And I kind of hope I'll always have that mindset.

I dunno what to think about teenage sex. I think I'll just stick with abstinence.

... I believed the stroke thing, too. Yaaaaaaaaay gullible!

An Abundance of Ramen said...


I mean... I took a long pause in my busy life to contemplate the deep meaning of this post. It's nice to know you didn't have a stroke.

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