Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fifth Nerdiest Club at School and Styrofoam Apples

I don't want to say that Academic Team is the nerdiest club at school, because then again there are clubs like the Computer Club and Math Team, and we're not that low down.

Academic Team has been stellar. I've been able to answer more answers lately, especially because at today's meeting there was a series of questions about comedies from the 80's, Ghostbusters and Caddyshack being two examples. I nailed those questions like disturbed six-year-old's nail their stuffed animals to the wall.

You can also tell what huge nerds Academic Team members are by what they talk about in their free time. At one point at practice on Monday the sponsor said, "I need to go get something upstairs. I'll be back in two minutes." She closed the door behind her, there was that typical two second silence in the room during which everyone was making sure the teacher was gone, and then someone faced the rest of the team and said, "Who all is going to the Dragon Con. this weekend?"

A dozen excited hands pumped immediately into the air and I had to suppress laughter. They went on to talk about all of the other Nerd Conventions in Atlanta, including a Magic role-playing convention some time in the next month.

Then again, I can't be the dumbest kid on the team, because last Monday I won the President Contest, (I worked so hard to memorize them--my brother says I still murmur them softly in my sleep), and somebody asked how I did it. I told them that my trick that if you take the first letter from the last name of all 44 presidents, it spells out the first few words of the Declaration of Independence. They thanked me for the tip and went off to class.

The good news is that they think the files on my laptop are recoverable. I don't want to bore you with details I don't even understand, but just cross your fingers for me. Preferably your pinky and ring finger if you can manage that. That'd be cool.

Homecoming is coming up this next month or so. I'm trying to decide which female rejections would earn the least attention from the rest of my year. I wish there was no such thing as school dances. They're so complicated. I'd rather just go with the typical,





"Wanna go out this weekend?"


So much simpler and less stupid details like which group of friends to go with and which afterparty to go to and blah blah blah. Why are there such things as afterparties anyway? Isn't one social event bad enough?!

Most importantly, check this out: Rocky Raccoon, by the Beatles. It's a music video for the Beatles song "Rocky Raccoon" WITH BABIES!!! How cool is that? (A: Pretty darn.) This is my favorite song from the Beatles this week right after "Piggies."

See you later, fellas. Take it easy.

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