Monday, August 23, 2010

Salvador Dali and a Crippled Ken Doll

Back at school. Hurrah, hurray. I've made the socially-suicidal decision to join the Academic Team. That's beyond low--it can't even be neutralized by joining the track team. But it'll be fun. All the people there are really nice. One girl there is really hot even though she's an Anime fanatic--(I have to make the best of my options, people.) In addition to this, I'm doing the Art Club and Buddhist Philosophy Club. What a combination. This makes me an artsy, nerdy Buddhist.

I had a decent weekend too. I went to the Salvador Dali exhibit at the High Museum with a friend. I enjoyed the exhibit, even though I was constantly being verbally assaulted by the person I went with. The first thing she tells me is that I smell bad, and she also tells me which of my jokes aren't funny. Flattery, yeah? I was also chasing her the whole time. Don't ask me why....

I nearly got a Dali mustache at the gift shop, but I ended up with the practical option--a print of the painting Clocks, which will last longer at the very least.

Also went to the Folk Art Festival the same day. Very fun, weird art. And, yes, it's folk. Who imagined that all of the artists at any given art festival would be wearing overalls or Sci-Fi t-shirts.

And yesterday, I was assigned to make a diorama for English. It was depicting the theme of persevering through given obstacles in Garth Stein's novel The Art of Racing in the Rain. I left it way too late, but at one point I got to saw the legs off of my sister's old Ken Doll. Surprisingly, there was little to no moral conflict. It was like I was Anna Wilkes and it was Paul Sheldon.

Guys, where have you all gone? 30 followers and not one has commented for the last several weeks.

2 people secretly have a crush on me:

Lara said...

Annie Wilkes! Good reference, though.

Good luck on the hot girl, by the way.

Lexa Be said...

That is so not fair. I want a Buddhist club at my school! The extent of diversity at my school is the mormon seminary group and my recent GSA... only after a threat from the ACLU. Heh. I hate Utah, don't live here ever *assuming you don't already since I haven't the faintest idea what Salvador Dali is...if it's a school....?* Interesting stuff though. Luck with the girl, assuming you haven't caught her already *reading backwards.... I should find a more efficient way to read blogs*

- Lexa Be