Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School and Half-Hearted Followers

A small observation: I feel a guilty mixture of amusement and horror every time I see how the seniors treat the freshmen at my school. They refuse to move slightly to the right or left in the instance that a freshman is walking directly toward them--the freshman always has to move.

Today at lunch I was eating at the lounge...and I saw a senior walk up to a table of freshmen. He says, "Where'd ya get those sandwiches?" One freshman piped up nervously, "Over there, at that bar." The senior says, "I don't want to walk that far. I think I'll have yours." The freshman, looking pitiful, offers up his sandwich in surrender.

High school is a brutal place, especially for us nerds.

Onto my next topic, guys what happened to my readers?! Yeah, I know I've had a mite of trouble updating this blog every other day, but I try my best! Where's your effort? So far my comments pretty much come from Muse and that's it. (By the way, an enthusiastic pat on the back for you, Muse.) I'm disappointed. I miss you all--where'd you go all of a sudden?

...I need you.

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Lexa Be said...

That's fail right there. I haven't seen any such things at my school happen, but I don't spend a whole lot of time in the commons...and I live in a fairly mild place where half the people are ridiculously religious *except for of course myself...which puts me as a black sheep*. I wouldn't do that to anyone and I'm a senior. That counts for something, yeah?

-Lexa Be