Saturday, August 28, 2010

Worst 14 hours of 2010? Maybe

Hello, all. "All," in the case of The Nerd Archives, referring to me and the three obese, middle-aged men who still read this blog because they can't get over their bad childhoods.

This second week of school was a pretty decent one for me. Not rejected by girls quite as often as is typical for me. I've, more or less, figured out the locker situation so that I don't have a nervous breakdown every time I unload my books into my locker. I even joined the Academic Team, which is tons of fun, even though I don't contribute very much.

And then yesterday was Friday. I was psyched for the weekend, (yes I just used that word--you're not imagining things), and I still had tiny little nerd butterflies in my stomach after one of the hottest girls in my year said hello to me. Was she taking pity on me? Almost definitely. Did I care? Not at all.

I came home, finished most of my homework, went roller-blading for the first time in ages, and even watched a re-run of Psych. James Roday is getting fat, but the show is just as lovable.

It was at about 10:30 that I turned on my computer, only to find that it had "automatically reset" itself so that a new computer account had been created, and my old account had been erased. I lost all of my files and all of my software. The only data I still have from my old account is from four dusty back-up disks I used practically half a year ago.

Everything I've written on my computer since then is lost, including about 50 pages of the novel I've been working on for about a year now.

I went to bed depressed and hopeless, and woke up in the same manner. To cap it all of, my mom made bran muffins for breakfast this morning. That may not seem tragic to you, but you haven't been forced at gunpoint to eat one.

Am I being melodramatic? Yes. As a teenager, though, I claim that right--and I refuse to be reasonable or calm in this situation.

Good. Day.

2 people secretly have a crush on me:

Bee said...

I'm sad to say that I'm not an obese middle aged man at this particular time in my life, but I do, in fact, read your blog. I also happen to have a copy of your novel on my computer, (71 pages of it, actually). It's completely amazing and I've read it all, just by the way, and I could definitely email it to you if that would be helpful and calm the situation a bit.
Shine on.

Lexa Be said...

Gaspness. I'm going through and reading because apparently you changed the link...and yeah. It's fantastic. Damn feeds fail at life. So now I'm wondering if I know you. Though you could live a gazillion miles away. Hmph. Such is the annoyance of not being clairvoyant...assuming I'm thinking of the correct word. My brain is fried and I blame my illiterate foods teacher.

Poor you and your bran muffins. Thank god I don't have to eat such things since my mom has decided I'm responsible enough to choose my own diet seeing as how I'm a vegetarian.

I however am not an old fat man, I happen to be a skinny teenage girl *who tends to act like a child more often than not haha* Expect to see many comments from me randomly since I stalk blogs :P

- Lexa Be