Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Like Your Nose

I'm sure you all missed me so much. Actaully, I haven't heard so much so far from all of my numerous fans. When I made this blog, I foolishly expected to hear an outcry from the online nerd population worldwide. Either this blog isn't as engaging as my big head pictures it to be, or there aren't many out-of-the-closet nerds in the world out there.

First of all, I'd like to tell you that I got a YouTube account. Snaps for Christopher. Now applaud. Now do a little dance like the big beefy football players do after a touchdown. So far I've only figured out the concepts necessary to make the most basic of videos. Here it is--check it out:

Youtube, A Documentary

Kind of sad, isn't it? Anyways...

The second link I have to share with you is a bit more shameful. The thing is, males will forever have an immature side to us. Even the Starbucks and Blackberry intellectuals have an immature side. This video sparks the immature side of me:

I know. I know. Sick, isn't it? But, when used sparingly, immature humor is hilarious. Now entire TV shows dedicated to immature humor are over the line. If Family Guy isn't disgusting enough, South Park is ridiculous. Not if. South Park is ridiculous.

Oh! On different news, remember that 13-year-old kid I told you about two posts ago? I made a break-through with him!!! We were playing soccer. He walks up to me and says, "I wish you weren't on my team, you fag. You're such a fail." (That's strange, as I recall he was the one who picked me to be on his team.)

I was very straight-forward. I said, "Why do you hate me?"

He gives me this look of utter disgust and says in a voice dripping with hate, "Because you're a goody goody."

Oh, okay.

Now I know why he hates me.

It's because I'm a goody goody.

So that's settled.

Totally switching gears, who here watches Saturday Night Live? To be honest, SNL kind of switches back and forth from totally hilarious to absolutely stupid. But when it has its good moments, boy, does it have its good moments. I was watching the Tina Fey and Justin Bieber special with a bunch of friends, and I couldn't stop laughing. My favorite skits:


If I had the ability to feel emotion, I would hate Justin Bieber.

On that cheerful note, I bid you an abrupt farewell and good night.

2 people secretly have a crush on me:

Diana the Donut King said...

your blog is so nerdy and i like that :D

Lara said...

Hell, that was just damn funny, your breakthrough was just amazing! :D Nerds write so great, we should be writers and do everything AND WE SHALL RULE DA WORLD ONE DAY!