Friday, January 29, 2010

Shredded Money and a Coca Cola Museum with Very Little Coca Cola but Excruciatingly Cute Commercials

Two little side notes:

1) No, I do not usually call Coke "Coca Cola"! I just didn't want to make it sound like a drug pun, (which I admit would still be pretty amusing.)

2) That title was far too long. My apologies.

Today the entire class visited The Federal Reserve, The Capitol, and......the World of Coke. (Don't ask--I have no idea either.) Also, have no fear concerning me ranting about all the wonderful things I learned. At the Federal Reserve, (which I must certainly mention serves the purpose of bank supervisor, money printer, and bank itself) a ton of important but meaningless facts about money and economics were shoved toward me. I was just amused by all of the exhibits and robots named after the dollar bills that they carried from one place to another. I didn't really listen, but don't tell our tour guide, because he's very passionate about the boring aspects of money. We did get a gift bag at our departure--a sack full of SHREDDED MONEY.

The Capitol did display the model of a two-headed cow and two-headed snake, but besides that we just admired a bunch of middle-aged, white state Senators doing nonsense. We watched them mingle and disregard the fact that they were in session and could be SAVING THE STATE instead of "How's your daughter, Bill? Has she married that boy Scott yet?" Oh, well. I'm being harsh. As corny as this may sound, it was cool to be at the place where our state was being run. We even looked into the governor's office. He wasn't there, so I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get to catch him reading a Playboy magazine or something.

The World of Coke, of course, was far more entertaining, even if we did only have twenty minutes because we were in a hurry. The tour was interesting while also historic--(did I just say that?) The happiness factory documentary was so cool! I love all of those little people! They were adorable and I admit it! I couldn't get over them!!! After the guided tour ended, I saw all of the exhibits and they were pretty good too. If this makes any sense to you, the 4D movie was painful and painfully corny, the exhibits were creative, and the tasting room was...tasty. Did you see that coming? Of course, I only liked the Coke products from The United States. Beverly was awful. If you're in town and forced to choose between the aquarium and the World of Coke, go to the aquarium. If you're choosing between The World of Coke and the Federal Reserve, you know what to do.

Look at me now. Okay, I'm not ranting about all I learned. I'm ranting about what a great time I had! I might as well be a third grade boy with a Star Wars backpack with a teddy bear sticking out raving to his parents about his day at the zoo.

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone for following this blog, and strongly suggest that you tell me the name of your blog if I haven't already seen it. Thanks for reading and keep posted!

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Lane said...

Ha i gotta agree it is both painful and painfully cheesy :)

Sam West said...
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Sam West said...

YOU LIVE IN GEORGIA!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
(When I read "two-headed cow" id was obvious to me)
(and it just gets better and better...)

Referring once again to the post...
-The World of Coke is good for one thing:

Vanilla Coke.
(not only because it is extremely delicious, but because it is terribly hard to find)

(and going back to unrelated matters...)
-Do you have an iChat/ E-mail/ AIM/ Facebook/ Telephone?
(ah, the wonders of the 21st century)


That Blond Guy said...

Lane: One might go as far as to say sickening. (Thanks for commenting.)

Sam West/Sam/You: Yeah! I actually live in Atlanta. I only just now noticed that on your profile. So now I know...

Ah, the wonders of living in the 21 century but having trouble keeping up. I do not have a Facebook or cell phone. I have no idea what an AIM or iChat IS. However, I can credit to myself that I do have e-mail. Do you ever use e-mail? If not, do you ever telegraph?


Thanks for commenting, and I like your blog!

Christopher said...
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That Blond Guy said...

If I may ask without sounding even remotely stalker-ish, what school do you go to?

Sam West said...

-I almost fell of of my chair laughing when I read your response

Second/Third/however many more numbers needed:
No, I haven't sent a telegram for quite a while, the machines are becoming harder and harder to find,
but my e-mail is
(which, by the way, is not my blog e-mail)
(it's my regular one, so please don't stalk me)

-AIM is an instant messaging program
(so is iChat, but that's only for macs)
(though AIM accounts are included in the iChat program)

-I, by the way, make everything sound much more complicated than it would be otherwise.
So for a normal person:
You register on
(aka, make a screen name and a password)
(mine, for example, is samanthareedwest)

For Mac Users/Computer obsessives such as myself:
You click on your iChat Icon (a voice bubble with a square and a triangle) and sign in with your AIM account
From there, you can add friends and chat with those who are online

For PC users/those who don't have macs:
You can download the AIM software off of the website, then sign in and chat with people.

The only difference between the iChat software and the AIM software is that iChat software has video chat and is much more user-friendly while AIM does not have video chat and is often confusing when you first use it.

-Sam. (who simply thought that she would explain the wonderful world of chat software)

Sam West said...

-I just realized that I was writing the comment above as you sent another,

so in response,
-just e-mail me if you want to know.

Sam. (who feels like an idiot)