Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Uncyclopedia and the Really, Really Rather Depressing Yet Somehow Uplifting Song from a Well-Known Pixar Movie

Sure, you've heard of Wikipedia. Huge, knowledgable wiki known world-wide. But are you getting bored of it yet? No jokes. None. Really gets tiresome. My longest lasting article on Wikipedia was about the menu of Panda Express. Simply because I used lines like this:

"Panda Express has been commended by Chinese foods chains across the nation for its orange chicken, which possesses a godly tanginess that enriches the taste buds and provides the customer with an unexplained joy for the rest of their day..."

My article was deleted in a little less than eleven minutes. The average Wikipedia user is a technologically apt snob with a degree in computer programming. The average Wikipedia user has a minibowl of salted peanuts at his side while editing the wiki. The average Wikipedia user has NO SENSE OF HUMOR.

So here it is! The new and improved Wikipedia! It's Uncyclopedia. As I mentioned on my other blog, fate introduced this site to me when a friend showed me the page "How to: Kill your Family." Yeah, it's a little dark, but it's really very witty when you look past the measurable amount of profanity and immaturity. I've grown quite fond of it. I have contributed one UnNews article: "Ben Stiller Dresses Up in Blue and Makes me Giggle". (Another link, by the way.) And I've written one page on...poetry. ("Poetry".)

Check the site out. It's like a blend of Mad Magazine and Jon Stewart. You either hate it or you don't, so try it.

Ever seen the Pixar film Up? Great movie and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm man enough to admit that I was prepared to cry at some of the darker moments. But why I wanted to post about it was because I've gotten to love the musical piece at the very beginning. Luckily and obviously, Youtube has it, so here it is:

You got to love that movie--and that song.

Thanks for reading! I'm on Spring Break, and we depart for St. Simon's Island on Thursday, they tell me.


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