Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ah...Another Day of Being a Nerd

My elementary school was really different from most. We were a pretty close group of 46 kids. Even though it's elementary school, there are class reunions and an alumni programs. But, as middle school tends to do to people, after we all parted our separate ways for middle school and high school, kids higher up on the social ladder immediately began to ignore the kids they used to be such good friend with. Three of the girls haven't talked to me at school since we left our elementary school, until today. This one girl was being dragged by her boyfriend across the basketball court. Here's a transcript of their conversation:

The girl: "I'm sooooooooo bored."

"That's not nice. You're not as nice as I thought you were."

"I am soooooooo nice."

"No you're not."

"Yes! I am."

"If you're so nice to everybody, go talk to that kid over there." He then points toward me playing basketball. She walks reluctantly over to me and puts on a painful smile.

"Hey, Christopher! We went to the same elementary school!" She then jogs back to her boyfriend and leaves me feeling moderately baffled.

How flattering. Ah, the life of nerds.

I love being a nerd, because, in my opinion, the nicest/smartest/most-artistic kids are usually nerds. There are many cons, though. For instance: at lunch, three fouths of all conversations revolve around video games. I've never played Modern Warfare or Halo, but I feel like an expert on video games just because I'm put through the torture of hearing about them all day.

I hope by now that any followers who (at one time, at least) read my blog have at least once watched one out of the six shows I've suggested.

-Chuck (almost at the end of its third season)
-Psych (just finished with its fifth season)
-Modern Family (first or second season)
-The Middle (first or second season)
-Monk (canceled after around ten seasons)
-The Office (I have no idea)

If you want sitcoms, watch The Middle, Modern Family, or The Office. Psych and Chuck are both police shows, but they're definitely also comedy. Dramedies, I've heard them called.

You see, I'm a very special type of nerd. I don't play video games. I'm not on math team. But instead of having my week revolve around parties and sports, my week is defined by when the best shows come on.

When I glance at my watch and see that I have ten hours left until I go home,
When I finish an impossibly long track practice and enter the car with sore limbs,
When I'm halfway through math class and have already been caught once for snoozing,
Do you think I'd be eager to come home to text and party? No! I want to come home to a solid hour of TV comedy.

Now you see just how logical it is. Thanks for listening.

Before I go, once again--where is everybody? I look at my clustr map and sometimes don't see a single visit for the past day! Like I said in my last post, do you think that just because it's Spring Break and the last term of school, you have a good excuse to get a life all of a sudden? NO!


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Giang said...

We're only in the first term of our school year in Australia. School plus heat sucks.

I am the same 'type of nerd' as you, but instead of watching television shows I read fanfiction. How nerd, nerd, nerdy of me.