Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy March 13th!

Youtube is useful to me in strictly two ways: 1) Free music! 2) To watch clips from stand-up comedians. Listed below in order of thickness of hair are links from the acts of three different stand-up comedians. All three are contenders for my list of favorites, especially considering none of them really laugh at their jokes. That strikes me as annoying. Even if it is a decent joke, they kind of spoil it by giggling uncontrollably--especially in the cases that the comedian is the only one laughing. Anyway, here are the clips:

1) Russell Peters:

2) Don't click on this link if you mind swearing terribly. George Carlin:

3) Jerry Seinfeld:

These guys are great. Of course, Carlin swore like his irritable teenage grandkids might have, but he was still funny. Recently I also got interested in comedy podcasts. Well, I did get interested, but I think that was before I listened to any. You know Ricky Gervais? Especially since he's British, he's pretty funny on stand-up. But his podcasts are both mediocre and IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND. Don't get me wrong--I love hearing British people talk. It's almost as amusing to listen to a British newsman ramble on about gas prices on NPR as it is to listen to a British comedian. But comedy podcasts are a different story. I admire them for being all improv, but the consequence is that they don't exactly put me into breathless fits of laughter. And back to the laughing at their own jokes thing, Ricky Gervais squeals like an epileptic pig on his podcasts.

Was that mean? Surely it was justified by the fact that he's so rich, he could buy my house without having to sacrifice anything financially except a suit and a pair of jeans?

Have I already told you that our trip to St. Simon's was canceled? Well, it was. Mom got sick, actually. Not terminally, I don't believe. Just a fever and a cold. The kind of condition of sickness that everyone still wants you to do the dishes, but we still called the vacation off. Instead, I went with a bunch of friends to The Lightning Thief. It had its good moments and its funny moments, but overall I was horrified. My inner nerd was screaming "bloody murder." Despite the fact that it was a pretty good movie, it strayed really far from the book. It was almost unrecognizable. If it wasn't for the fact that the books themselves weren't great, I would be furious. Now don't go judging me for reading that series. It was almost a full year ago--hear that? It is weird, though. I switch from preteen novels like Percy Jackson to American and European classic literature like The Great Gatsby in less than a year. I still prefer teen fiction's romance, though. You know who's going to end up with who, and just about everyone is attractive so nobody is ever disappointed! Did that sound shallow?

And regarding sitcoms and TV dramedies, while Modern Family and The Middle climaxed last Wednesday, Psych just had its season finale. It was a brilliant episode. Funny, scary, heart-breaking. The last one especially. I won't spoil the ending in the unlikely case that anyone here watches Psych, but I'll tell you now that I was ready to cry harder than Juliett at the end of that episode.

I miss everybody. You know that Spring Break and everything else is no excuse to get a life all of a sudden! I need you here! The Nerd Archives! Home!

Bye bye!

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Samantha Reed West said...

My reading tast has always been the same.
Classic European and American Literature, tons of fantasy and a hint of realistic fiction. (I'm an extremely consistent person)

Nonfiction is out of the picture entirely.