Thursday, July 22, 2010

Maybe Even My First Ever Blog Rant--Run While You Can

I know we all hate bloggers who just sign on and then proceed to write lengthy posts about people they hate, and things that they hate, and how unfair life is. Most small bloggers do it every once and a while, and quite a few do it every day. I've managed to talk on this blog about everything that gets on nerves very mildly, I think--if I do say so myself. Do I not owe it to myself to rant just once? To let my agitation and fury trickle into the friendly and sheepish blog I have made that is The Nerd Archives? I owe it to myself, don't you think?! WELL?

Before I start, one last thing:

If there's anything worse than an angry blog rant, it's a VAGUE angry blog rant.

You know what I hate?

I hate people who are two-faced. People who try to please everybody even if it's immoral. People who clap their hand on your shoulder and say, "You mean the world to me," then swivel around and whisper to their neighbors, "Man, am I glad he's gone."

I hate conservatives. I shouldn't--I know I shouldn't, but I do. I tell people all the time to not hate others simply because of their religion or political affiliation, but I really hate conservatives. I hate that they don't accept people of who they are. I hate that they don't see their own discrimination. They don't see that this is the 1960's and the blacks all over again except with gays and Muslims and criminals and dying countries in Africa.

You know what else I hate?

I hate people who curse all the time because they have nothing else to say. I hate people who refuse to expand their vocabulary beyond "fuck" and "shit" and "damn" and "slut" and "retard" and the occasional "the" and "like." I hate people who use those words to hurt others. I hate people who use those words to sound cool. I hate people, really, who choose to use those words at all. "Holy fucking shit." What a stupid, stupid phrase. Nothing is less holy than fucking shit. Churches are holy. Synagogues are holy. Cows are holy. Fucking shit is not holy!

I hate actors and actresses who are the heroes on TV but jerks in real life. I hate the television networks that create those monster actors and actresses without caring a single thing about how they turn out.

I hate people who are mean to others. At all. There's never any excuse to be mean except maybe to your siblings or to end an ugly relationship. I hate the idiotic kids who bully. And I hate the idiotic adults who never grew out of bullying. I hate the vermin that desert their best friend for cooler friends. I hate the kids who are friends with you just as long as they still need you. I hate the rednecks who drive on highways and shout racist words at passing foreigners.

I hate war. I hate the people who make war sound so perfectly reasonable. I hate the people who love war. I hate the people who drive pick-up trucks with bumper stickers that say that anyone who wants peace is a coward. I hate what war does to people. I hate the children who clap their hands together in delight when they hear about an enemy country that was just bombed. I hate the kids who play violent video games with a hungry look on their face.

I hate how unfair and confusing life is. I hate how most people have to struggle through it, while others fly through it without a thought. I hate how I feel so different from everyone, and somehow how I feel like such an epic, profound failure. I hate thinking. I hate that I think and think and think all day long and how depressed I feel after I finish thinking.

I hate bloggers who start blogs about being a nerd but end up just writing about random things.

I hate clich├ęs and proverbs that aren't true. I ALWAYS judge books by their covers! Deal with it!

I hate stupid ideas that sound so reasonable.

I hate men who wear their pants around their knees.

I hate people who never call you back.

I hate magnets that refuse to stick to your refrigerator.

I hate shoelaces that are hard to tie.

I hate rodeos.

I hate animal cruelty.

I hate human cruelty.

I hate writer's block.

I hate blog rants,

But I love how you feel after you finish one.

4 people secretly have a crush on me:

Samantha Reed West said...

I agree. (so vague... but nonetheless, I do.)
And I smiled as I read the last line.

-I hate hate. So there. :P


Yoonji Rachel Cho said...

o-o There are a lot of things you hate.
Have you heard the saying that goes, "hate is not the opposite of love, but ignorance is"?
Your post just reminded me of that quote. I'm really not sure why though XD

Sarcastic Spastic said...

I hate many of the things you hate, but I loved this post. Especially the part about all the thinking and feeling depressed after you think. That's my problem lately, I just couldn't pinpoint it until now. I think we all think too much.

And you have inspired me to try to stop cursing (again...). It really is a nasty habit. I'm at least proud to say that I have never used "holy" in the same sentence as "fucking" and "shit."

Your total and complete honesty in this rant is refreshing. Thank you =)

Lexa Be said...

Heh. I happen to be a bit on the side of "foul mouthed" but it's because I'm a rebel and the only way I can convince the mormon people that I don't want to go to their activities is to swear at them. I usually use things such as "god damn" and "bastardfaces" Other than that I'm somewhat decent, and I do manage to pull of a vocabulary. I will however stop swearing if you'd prefer it. Unless I'm annoyed...then I make no promises. Chances of such thing appearing here are unlikely though. Hate the word "retard" it's bad.

Hate cruelty. I also hate the when people tell me I'm stupid for being vegetarian, or being the GSA president. I want to shoot them... but I can't cause it would bring me to their level. Damn people.

On such a note... I terribly dislike the word hate... but I used it a ton. Fail.

- Lexa Be