Sunday, July 18, 2010

12.2 Unimportant Updates on My Unremarkable Life

1. Just got back from the mountains. At one point, I visited Asheville. Lovely place, Asheville. The galleries are spectacular. We visited three, plus the crafts festival. I also ran across more smokers than you would find in Paris and a particularly nasty street ventriloquist.

2. NERD ALERT: I'm giving myself a small literary break and am re-reading the Harry Potter Series for what must be the fourth or fifth time. Harry means the world to me. That misunderstood, black-haired, dreamy midget.

3. My iPod has had a nervous breakdown. Won't work for me anymore. Damn, I had learned to love that rectangular silver gadget.

4. Just got school schedules. I haven't got classes with any friends I've asked, but do have homeroom with my brother and sister, along with two other classes with my brother. Life is cruel.

5. I've decided not to do cross country next year. They make you get to school at 7 for morning trainings now, in addition to the afternoon practices. It's just not worth it, is it? This also means I need to join some clubs to make up for it. I'm thinking about testing my inner nerd and joining Academic Team. That's the point of no return, isn't it?

6. My female-but-not-girlfriend-friend has arrived safely in San Fransisco, to the delight of her considerably large fan club, which is multiplying in numbers every week. We have t -shirts, coffee mugs, and bobbleheads. E-mail me if you're interested.

7. My Ex-girlfriend, (it feels so bizarre to say that), is once again on speaking terms with me. Hurrah. Hurray.

8. I've started up coin tricks again, after deserting magic tricks in sixth grade. They don't amuse anyone else--the rest of my family has had enough of magic. I just like doing them. Keeps me distracted from my severe family problems. It's an escape from life, like writing fiction. Or drinking.

9. My back has gotten a bit better--thanks for sending me all of those Get-Well cards. The doctor said no running for two days after the pain is gone, and no heavy-lifting for a week after the pain has gone. To my Mom, "heavy-lifting" includes weight training, but miraculously does NOT include carrying suitcases and boxes around for her.

10. I've started up chess again. Nerds rule.

11. The fifth season of Psych has just began. I'm watching the first episode after I finish this post. I've decided to make even further cut-backs on television, which unfortunately includes shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager rather than Psych.

12. Getting used to the idea of wearing sunglasses. I look like such a dork with them--exactly like an obsessed Matrix fan. I'll post a picture if I can.

12.2 I never really--

2 people secretly have a crush on me:

Samantha Reed West said...

I'm here. ...yeah?

-Sam. (oh joy, oh joy)

Lexa Be said...

I love Psych. And I have an addiction to blogs and writing/commenting on them. To finish your 12.2 "I never really wanted to jump off a cliff." Is it true?