Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Blog is Finally Carbon Neutral, Bitches!!!!

I know that all of you think that I am just a just a dull, lifeless grump who lives alone in a grimy apartment, eats microwave dinners, and watches the show Cold Case Files, but I'm actually none of those things. (I don't eat microwave dinners because I'm worried if I eat too many they'll make me grow a third ear from radiation.)

I am actually very passionate about a great number of things, like cats and stamps. And when I put my mind to it, I can become seriously dedicated to a cause. One such of the aforementioned causes which I can become seriously dedicated to is the environment. Well, I'm no vegan whale-lovin fanatic who lives in a house made of salt and uses biodegradable eating utensils made from corn husks, but I try my best to do my part. I do the little things that add up over time and then really make a difference. Like an army of angry, anarchist smurfs.

So when I heard about this movement to have Carbon Neutral blogs, I thought: Hey, I'm a smart guy. I'm conscious of the environment around me. I like polar bears. So why not make my blog Carbon Neutral? (I don't know how exactly planting trees is related to saving the polar bears, but the important thing is that it fits into the equation somehow and also polar bears are absolutely adorable as long as they're not trying to eat you.)

And I decided to make my blog Carbon Neutral. It's really simple. All you have to do is write a post about the movement, add the button to your blog, e-mail them a link to the post, and then they plant a tree for you in some national forest somewhere where there are undoubtedly a multitude of dying polar bears.

It's really not hard to do at all. It took me about a month to get around to it because I've been sick with cholera ever since I ate that half-finished Chick-Fil-A sandwich I found on the ground of a parking lot last June. But now that I'm finally doing it, it's very easy and you really have no excuse not to do it. So go do it right now. Please. And also, look at my new button!

Finally, I know that I promised to do an angry rant on the newest Harry Potter film today, but I'm going to have to let that wait until next post because I'm so excited that I finally did the Carbon Neutral thing.

If you haven't voted on the newest poll, please do so within the next three minutes. If you haven't completed the Blogging Survey Named Nicolai, which can be found in the post below this one, please do so ASAP. I'll be watching you.

It's also worthy of mention that I've finally made a blog list on the sidebar of some of my favourite blogs in the whole wide world, which I want EVERYONE to check out regardless of how cool you are. If you're not on the list, it's probably because I hate you or because you don't comment on my blog enough, but it also might be because it just slipped my mind. If you think you deserve to be on the blog list, just tell me and I'll either laugh in your face or apologise profusely and then add you onto it.

I was also EXTREMELY disappointed to find that NOBODY followed my link in the last post to the Tribute to Doodlers page on Almost Out of Ink , a fabulous blog by the blogger Peace Love and Sharpies, and came back to tell me how amazing my drawings are. At first I was really hurt and felt betrayed, but then the pain subsided into a sort of dull, throbbing ache and I got over it. ALTHOUGH if you happen to be in the mood to make somebody's day, I wouldn't protest if you did so now.

Wink wink.

That Blond Guy

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dirtycowgirl said...

That's a great idea.
Definately gonna do it too at the week-end, although I want to be allowed to climb my tree.

Yeah I'm a monkey too.

ps we are no longer in the realms of weirdom as more sheep have joined my flock. Prob 'cos I kinda wrote a post about porn. Works every time.

J.Barosin said...

I made your list of favorite blogs? Really?! That just made my day! I had the WORST day ever at work, but that honest-to-goodness made me feel better.

Congratulations; you just brightened my whole outlook on life. Do not take that lightly.

I owe you one!

-E- said...

i'm on the fence about this one.

Bookish.Spazz said...

I like ALL 4 of your drawings. You are the greatest artist on the face of the planet, and in order to honor you I'm going to do a portrait of you. Expect to see it up in a day or two.

I've been meaning to make my blog carbon neutral, but I've been procrastinating as per usual. I'll do it--- sooner or later. Probably sooner.

cricketfreak said...

The doodles are quite good! And btw, I love the fish that follow my mouse. It's so cute to see them swimming around while I sadistically move my mouse.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Just kidding. Apparently it only took me like 10 minutes to draw.

Unknown said...

Well, I honestly dig Sinister.

Boyd said...

I looked at your artwork!! Mostly cause Bookish forced me to.

I love it!! It's offbeat and creepy in the best of ways. I particularly enjoyed the one with the dude, and the eye, and the MULTICOLORED FINGERS. Yeah, I went there.

Belladona said...

I think polar bears are still cute, even IF they're trying to eat you.

I'm passionate about cats, too. (All animals, really, but especially cats at the moment.)

Katie said...

I just read your comment on Jillian's last post.


It's my favorite book ever.

Smokey_Cat said...

That's nice.

I am going to make my blog carbon neutral too, as soon as I finish burning all these plastic bags in the local kids park

Anonymous said...

I've gone the opposite direction. Every time I post a blog post, I immediately smoke a cigarette, spray hairspray in the air, and drive 20 laps around my block in an SUV.
Fuck the Earth.


Max Power said...

ahaha timothy bowen.

No this sounds liek a great idea, will try it!

Your blog is great will follow.

Jill Hamilton said...

visiting from lemons don't make lemonade and following now.

i think i am also going to start claiming to have cholera because it sounds glamourous and kind of literary.


todd carr said...

Lemons sent me. I love the carbon footprint blog idea...I'm off to make a beer btl necklace and a jock strap using my used up dental floss.